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What is included in the standard Dodge repair:

Common Failures:
Tach Gauge Failure
Speedometer gauge failure
Backlights going out
Odometer display going out
**Odometer stops accumlating (Refer to note Below**

- Test for failure, to comfirm customer complaints.

- Completion of power supply rebuild.

- Replace Backlights

-Recalibrate needles, clean & reassemble.

-Test for quality & functionality.

**This synopsis is appropriate for applicable models. Other procedures may be necessary in some cases.

Repair Menu:

-2000-2008 Dodge Ram 1500-2008 Trucks (Anything outside of that range, feel free to call & ask us about it!) 

- Avenger

- Challenger/Charger

- Grand Caravan

**Note: For all Dodge trucks between the years 2000-2008, there is sometimes a catch in doing mileage corrections. For example, if your truck exceeds 600,000 or completely stops accumulating miles then it could become a little more difficult to correct your mileage. Usually we can complete an odometer correction in the vehicle, by plugging into your diagnostic port under your dash. (That is the simplest way to complete this task.)

In the case that this doesn’t work (occasionally), we would need to “operate” on the cluster, which means attempting the odometer correction on our work bench.  (Tearing down cluster and accessing information of the cluster from a chip inside.) .  In this instance, we prefer to have easy access to this vehicle to complete this odometer correction. That insures the process has been a success. This 600,000 mile limitation is quirk the does usually happen were lots of long trips are being made.  A lot of our customers come to us with this issue when they haul cars or travel trailers from coast to coast.